Letters to the Editor

Trump recording

Very recently an old recording came out of Donald Trump talking about “moving on” a beautiful woman. He admitted that his advances were rebuffed and naturally the language was coarse to say the least. So what?

This was a bunch of guys on a bus somewhere. There is no accusation of rape like Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick. Not even a claim, or denial, of illicit sex like Bill and Monica. Heck, Trump even admitted she turned him down. Any guy who has been in a locker room, a military barracks, or a construction site has heard that and more. Do you think Eisenhauer back in WWII heard troops talking about girls in ways that weren’t politically correct? How about Jerry Ford in the Michigan football locker room? Kennedy in the Navy? LBJ anywhere?

In the never-ending crusade to emasculate men this is just another sorry episode. My question is who records what is assumed to be a private conversation then saves the tape for 10+ years?

Gary Duff. Swansea