Letters to the Editor

Politics, sexual predators and unsupervised kids: 10-17-16 Sound-Off

Our readers respond to the week’s events:

Fleecing taxpayers

I think it’s inexcusable for these elected township board members to hire assistants and consultants to do their work for them, that the voters hired them to do. I call it dereliction of duties and fleecing the taxpayers. Townships need to go. I’m for Bost for Congressman.

Why St. Louis?

Why does the East St. Louis Chapter of the NAACP always have their annual banquet in St. Louis? Surely they could find a locale in East St. Louis, Cahokia, or Washington Park to host the Banquet. We are supposed to say as they do, or say as they say, not as they do.

Dramatic turn

I received a flyer from the Democratic Party, railing against Bob Romanik. And while I agree what a sleazeball he is, I find it ironic that the Democratic Party suddenly finds his behavior abhorrent. This from the same party that danced to the tune of him, Amiel Cueto and sleaze-master Tom Venezia. They had no problem accepting their money and leadership years ago. I find it strange the Democratic Party calls the candidates on Romanik’s ticket misfits, when a number of them were previously on Democratic ballots and were told by them they were the best candidates available.

Funny thing

The funniest thing I saw today came in the mail. A mailer from LaToya Greenwood. She says we can’t trust convicted felon Bob Romanik, but apparently we can trust Latoya Greenwood, who thinks it’s okay to (allegedly) beat up a Best Buy employee.

Democrat utopia

Let me make sure I got this straight. What Republicans say, like Bob Romanik and Trump matters a great deal, but yet, what Democrats do like LaToya Greenwood, and the Clintons is totally irrelevant. That being the case I think we are well on the road to turning our country into the Democrat utopia of East St. Louis.

Hating Hillary

In Petula Dvorak’s analysis entitled “Hilary haters reflect our view of older women,” she says there is misogyny and then there is the ageless misogyny that older women face. Hilary is not disliked because she is a woman, she is not disliked because she is old. She is disliked because of what she does. She has this opinion that the rules, laws don’t apply to her and that she is better than everyone else. That is why people dislike her. Because she is an elitist snob. People hate her for what she does. People hate Donald Trump for what he says. I think that Hilary is a little more serious.

Out of touch

I recently received an email from our fearless leader in the White House telling me how wonderful everything is here in the U.S. He went on to say how great all of the new technology is and it is a great time to be alive in the U.S. Maybe if I were president and never had a real job like him, I might feel that way. But from where I sit, I can see crumbling infrastructure everywhere, political corruption, closed factories throughout this country. People who have looked for work and have given up. Jobs that are available paying low wages, and an economy plodding along only because interest rates set by the government on borrowing are so low, they are practically giving the money away. The real problem in America today is that the American politicians, starting at the top, are so completely out of touch with the struggles of average Americans. There is no way our problems will ever get fixed.

Not good

I’m calling about this mess with Clinton and Donald Trump. We had a president in 1963 that went swimming in the nude in the White House pool. That way Jack Kennedy. What about all the stuff about women said that Bill Clinton took advantage of in any way that he could. Nobody on this earth is perfect in any way. And that is the way it is, just go on. Hilary will not make a good president.

Belleville marathon

I recently ran my fourth marathon at Belleville’s Inaugural Main Street Marathon. Kudos to Mr. Toolen for bringing such a great event to Belleville. I am happy to say I finished, and I was very thankful for the care I received from the St. Elizabeth’s medical team. They very professionally treated me for dehydration and cramping, and their care was first-class all the way. Thanks also to the Belleville police, fire, and emergency services who ensured a safe and fun event. Great job to all! This event will be a great jewel for the city of Belleville.

Post office

Who are the bozos at our local post offices in charge of Sunday’s deliveries? I am told that if packages cannot be placed into the mailbox, they are to be placed on a porch. Where do we find our packages? Next to the garage, where you can’t see anything or anybody and you just happen to come across it. I guess they are too secure with their jobs and nobody really cares. If you can’t get rid of the workers, maybe hold the leadership responsible.


Clinton claims released WikiLeaks were not accurate. If not, then the only way to prove it is to release her speeches. I bet they are exactly what is released from WikiLeaks.

Bad Belleville

What a surprise. Mayor Eckert says he is going to run for the mayor of Belleville again. I am an ex-Belleville resident. I moved out. It is blighted, the streets are in disrepair, the sewers don’t work half the time, there are so many things going wrong. No businesses downtown to shop at unless it’s a thrift store or bar. It’s just a blighted area like the city has not taken care of. I would not vote for this mayor ever!


Donald Trump, three wives, numerous affairs, talk of groping women and forcing himself on them. This is a sexual predator who should be in jail.

Unsupervised kids

The Belleville Chili Cook-Off was nicely done, the band was good, the food was good, the weather was excellent. My complaint is there were kids who were unsupervised and being a nuisance. Their parents were paying no attention to them, so I had to move from where I was sitting. Saw a little girl on a scooter, which made no sense to me. Way too many people there to ride a scooter. Parents need to keep an eye on their kids. But the rest of the affair was great.

Jay Hoffman

I watched a commercial for Jay Hoffman where he states he is one of us and will lead the fight against Springfield. Is this the same Jay Hoffman who is a member of disgraced governor Rod Blagojevich’s kitchen cabinet who voted for Mike Madigan’s $7billion budget without reading it? And who moves from place to place to get elected so he can continue to feed at the public trough? Same old Jay, same old promises, more of the same.

Way of life

It’s not about the tape. But if you are a man or woman, you mean to tell me you’ve never had conversations like this? I happened to be at a beach where husbands were talking about girls in bikinis — did I get upset? It’s normal way of life. It happened 10 years ago. These people are in their 70s and people talk. It’s not going to change. Get down to the serious parts.