Letters to the Editor

Trump is the right guy to lead U.S.

Both presidential candidates are eager to win the upcoming election. Trump wants to get into the White House so he can force the congress to start doing its job, secure our open borders, make deals with foreign governments that are good for the U.S., end the Washington corruption, head-off radical Islam terrorism within our borders, and start fixing our broken fiscal situation. Hillary is desperate to win the White House because Trump would appoint non-corrupt officials to the Department of Justice and she is sure that she and Bill would wind up in prison (which is where they belong).

It seems to me that Trump has the betterment of the U.S. as his goal while Hillary is only looking out for herself and Bill. The things that Trump said years and years ago in a locker room are hogwash: all guys have said similar things in their youth and it means nothing. That’s all that Hillary has to attack Trump and it’s bogus.

Vote your conscience but remember that Trump is an exceedingly successful business man and Hillary is an old hippie.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville