Letters to the Editor

RINO’s beware: This is your fault

All squishy RINOs (Kirk, Rauner, Shimkus, Davis, Bost, etc.) need to take heed for not supporting our GOP nominee fully during his campaign for POTUS. Be Forewarned — there are a lot of Trump supporters like me who will vote for Trump, but will NOT vote for anyone down ballot who does not fully support him. If GOP loses the Senate and House, it will be 100 percent the fault of your ilk; GOP “politicians” who exhibit no cajones to defeat the Uber Liberal agenda of the current democratic party. GOP politicians like you just want to “keep their seat” at the taxpayer-funded feed troughs of D.C. and Illinois. We’ve heard from GOP leadership for the last seven-plus years that nothing can get done without winning the WH and now you are telling us we need to elect you in order to stop Hillary; but you will not fight for your own party nominee; unforgiveable. Trump 2016.

Jay R. Brown, Highland