Letters to the Editor

Vote Duebbert, Cason in as judges

Mr. Robke has every right to advocate for his judicial candidates using the Illinois State Bar Association ratings. However, I researched it and found it’s more of a “popularity contest” as members of the bar in each county are asked to rate judicial candidates.

As referenced for his Democrat choices, the ISBA member attorneys in St. Clair County gave the two Republican candidates for Circuit Court judge, Ron Duebbert and Laninya Cason, a “Not Recommended” rating. They gave Republican Judge James “Randy” Moore, a sitting judge a Highly Qualified rating, yet on another page they rate him “Not Recommended” as a candidate for Appellate Court, but of course recommend the Democrat candidates.

Also, the ISBA states “retention” as getting 60 percent of the vote and recommend Judges Baricevic, Haida and LeChien for “ retention.” But they chose to retire and then run again, to avoid a 60 percent retention vote versus a simple majority over their opponents Ron Duebbert and Laninya Cason. Except, guess what, Judge LeChien is running unopposed and not for retention so I guess he really only needs one vote!

The ISBA ratings are “advisory ratings” by fellow attorneys and I’m sure there are more attorneys in St Clair County who support the Democrat machine than the two Republicans. After all they have to appear before the three entrenched Democrat judges. It’s up to all of us to vote for equitable representation in the courts in St Clair County. I strongly recommend you vote for Ron Duebbert and Laninya Cason.

Phil Henning, Smithton