Letters to the Editor

Focus on education, not football

St. Louisans, use this question as a conversation starter.

Years ago I married and moved to O’Fallon from St. Louis. Frequenting area restaurants, we saw a pattern: four meals at $20 each totaled up to $78, servers stymied by a 10-percent-off coupon, using calculators to figure out change, a hostess with no clue why we commented about our bill total of $17.76 just after the Fourth of July. We started asking servers “where did you go to high school?” The answer was always “O’Fallon.”

These stories were forgotten until I saw the O’Fallon Progress inset on OTHS sport teams. One sport stood out — the football team with over a dozen coaches! I was stunned. Years from now none of the players will be playing football. However they will need a job, be a parent, manage money, manage their health and need to recognize that rich Nigerian princes and hot singles in your area are scams. Will they be able to? Do courses on critical thinking and life skills have the same teacher/student ration at the coach/players?

As we learn of the consequences of sports injuries, the time and money directed to football is unjustifiable. These resources need to be better used. Are all students learning what they need to know to navigate life? Including the consequences of “locker room talk”? Time will tell.

Eileen Humphrey, Shiloh