Letters to the Editor

What does Alan Dunstan really do?

Current County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan is payed over $100,000 yearly as the chief official of Madison County. What is it that Mr. Dunstan does to earn these tax dollars? In addition Madison County employs Joe Parente, who also earns over $100,000 for his duties as county administrator. How many weasels are being paid to run Madison County and who is actually doing the job?

The following are excerpts of deposition statements give by Mr. Dunstan in April 2008 pursuant to a sexual harassment case brought against the county by his former personal secretary. This litigation arose when Mr. Dunstan apparently could not protect her from being harassed by his then county administrator James Monday going on in the office adjacent to his own. Question: What are your duties as county board chairman? Mr. Dunstan: “Basically, a lot of my duties is I run the county board meetings. I do a lot of — you know, I’m out of the office a lot.” “I let the day-to-day operations of the county be run for — with Joe Parente or somebody like that.” In answer to a previous question Mr. Dunstan: “I — I — this — the way this works is probably she — you know, I’m gone a lot, I’m on trips. You know I do things. I’m on a speaking circuit.” Looks like Joe Parente is running the county and the chairman is just running around speaking a lot?

Gary Groeteka, Collinsville