Letters to the Editor

Do your homework before you vote

I agree with the BND and Mike Rowe on voting, be a knowledgeable voter don’t just show up.

This election has devolved into who is the biggest liar or sexual aggressor almost completely ignoring any substantive issue as to the direction of the country. The fact is Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton have very different views about the country’s future. They would nominate radically different judges, not just for the Supreme Court but for lower courts as well effecting the country for decades. Their tax plans are polar opposites, so are their opinions on government regulations. Energy issues are diametrically opposed and closely related to environmental concerns and the economy. Immigration controls and trade agreements should be front and center in this campaign. The war on terror and how we vet young men from Islamic dominated countries should be closely scrutinized. How is that for a list of issues?

And we are concentrating on what Trump said 11 years ago and what Clinton told Wall Street bankers in paid speeches. Some of that is important. I’m pretty conservative so I’d really like to see what was in those 33,000 emails under subpoena that Clinton had destroyed. I also understand that women would be genuinely upset by what Trump said and the allegations of inappropriate conduct that have followed.

The real question though is which way the country should go and it’s incumbent upon voters to do their homework and know where each candidate stands on the issues.

Gary Duff, Swansea