Letters to the Editor

When Kristof criticizes Obama...

You know things must be bad when NYT’s premier Obama apologist and Trump basher Nicholas Kristof writes anything negative about the president. The author’s recent offering entitled “The blot on Obama’s legacy” must have come as quite a shock to many.

No, it wasn’t the collapse and financial disaster of Obamacare, allowing illegals to flood across our borders, the billions given to Iran to facilitate the Coming of the Mahdi, or even the total corruption of the Justice Department. Kristof actually lays out the well-documented facts of the President’s failures in Syria, leading to the continuing slaughter of civilians, etc. He actually goes so far as to link the President to the half-million casualties and the genocide by the Islamist “extremist” upon Yazidi’s and Christians. Notice he still cannot bring himself to use the word “terrorist.” But that’s OK. Some honesty is better than none at all.

To reciprocate this honestly, how about America’s neo-cons finally admitting that President Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was a political and human suffering nightmare, and the source of this disaster.

Our hearts break for the millions of never ending victims of war, especially children. But sometimes there’s simply nothing as a nation we can do but create more chaos, despite our good intentions. Replacing one dictator for another, even more brutal. WWII should have taught us that.

So then, maybe Kristof was a bit too hard on Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe I’m beginning to sound a bit like Jane Fonda.

Donald Moeser, Freeburg