Letters to the Editor

Stop defending Trump’s words

Another day, another letter from one of the BND’s frequent daily columnists defending Donald Trump’s ‘locker room’ talk.

What this writer and many other people fail to grasp, is it’s not that he said the ‘p’ word, but rather his gleeful description of an act of sexual assault, and how he can get away with it because he is a celebrity.

Since then, several women have stepped forward to claim Trump sexually assaulted them. Trump dismissed them as liars seeking fame. He even disparaged one’s physical beauty, insinuating she was too ugly to assault.

So please quit saying it’s about the language Trump used. It’s not. It’s about his boastful description of sexual assault. That’s indefensible! This person is unqualified and unfit to hold the office of President and is an embarrassment to our country!

Kris Rhines, O’Fallon