Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on politics, roads, property taxes and more

Pro-Trump is pro-USA

I am pro Trump because I am pro USA for citizens of all ages. Those who were born or naturalized. I want the same prosperous country my parents had for all citizens, now and in the future.

Money for refugees but not seniors?

Here’s something I would like to see Donald Trump bring out in the public and it deals with social security. Why is it, our government has all this money available for Clinton to bring in half-a-million refugees from Syria and give them benefits and welfare and everything else, but doesn’t have enough money for the senior citizens. For all you senior citizens who are thinking about voting for Clinton and are complaining about the cost of living raise, it was Bill Clinton’s policy that allowed your social security benefits to be taxed on your federal returns. Think about it folks, whenever you fill out your tax returns and it asked you how much social security benefits you got. It was Bill Clinton’s presidency that caused the taxes to be increased under social security. Before that, we were never taxed on our social security, but thanks to the Clinton administration, we are now. So think about that people before you start voting for another Clinton in office.

Inmates request ballots

I just heard through a scuttlebutt of friends, that there are 110 people in the county jail who have filed for absentee voter ballots. I would like somebody in the county jail to tell us, publicly, who organized these prisoners to get their voting in through early and absentee ballots. Maybe we’re going to have to send in a little foyer request to the sheriff to find out between him and our clerk up there Mr. Holbrook, how all this came about.

Police, call out the bad apples

Imagine if police officers would unite to call out all the bad apples in their department, as they have united to honor their fallen comrades. Public relations would be at an all-time high.

Props for Glenn McCoy

In reference to Glenn McCoy’s cartoon for Thursday October 13th, I think Glenn McCoy is spot on with this one. I think any Christian who would vote for Hillary Clinton is no Christian. I think you should keep up the good work. You’re a great cartoonist.

What’ll be done first?

What do you think will be done first; that debacle across from The Lady of the Snows Shrine or the intersection on Frank Scott Parkway?

Must be punishment

Where were the parents or the guardians of the two young teen women who found time to go out and tag buildings in Fairview Heights? Proper punishment for these “young ladies” and any other accomplices that are found, should be voluntary manual labor. Maybe picking up trash on the side of the road. Some kind of physical labor so that they are tired and are too tired to go out and tag more buildings. There has to be some punishment.

Why close streets?

I’d like to know what brain surgeon at city hall decided to close off multiple streets when they redid the sidewalk on North Illinois and for what purpose. What possible reason could they have to close off the streets other than to confuse people and cause accidents?

Media says Clinton wins

It’s done. The media has just told us that Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States. They showed us the electoral map and that Hillary Clinton already has 301 electoral votes. She only needs 270 so we don’t need to continue doing anymore politics, don’t need to go to the polls, don’t need to worry about taking the time off work to go vote, it’s already done. The media has already told us so let’s just call it a day and quit.

Is this more nepotism?

What relationship if any does Mascoutah school district’s new lobbyist Mike Hoffman have to Jay Hoffman? Is this just another case of metro east nepotism?

The Russians

Do you really believe that the Russians are hacking and sending out those emails? Or are they just using the big bad bear to scare American citizens?

Why do we have to register?

Don’t you wonder why you have to register to vote since you don’t have to show an I.D. before you vote.

The Clinton mafia

Focus groups determined that voters who will be voting for Hillary Clinton as well as those who will not be voting for Hillary Clinton, view her as ethically challenged, dishonest and even criminal. It follows therefore that those that would be working for a Hillary Clinton administration would be members of a mob. As their leader, would it be politically correct to refer to President Clinton as the “Godmother” or as the “Godperson.” If elected, worldwide people need to have an answer to that question.

Stop with the guns

Since when are guns allowed in residential areas? Sunday was a beautiful day for barbecue, outdoors and kids playing. All we hear is guns. Gunshots and then silence. A little bit later, more gunshots and then silence. This went on all day. Somewhere between Highridge subdivision and Winslow Road. This isn’t the first time. It has to stop.

The Meredith Home roof

Whether you are voting for county or state officials in this election, or you’re waiting to vote for the city administration in April, please try to keep in mind that while there’s still a question of whether the city should be putting a new roof on the Meredith Home or not, they are putting on. But they’re putting it on not with the many roofing contractors in Belleville, but with a roofing contractor Greenville, Illinois. Two counties away. That sure says a lot about the Belleville administration.

Voter fraud is rampant

The Clinton campaign said that there could not be voter fraud. Well evidently she must not be familiar with St. Clair County. I know a woman whose parents vote in every election and have been dead for years. They should really get with St. Clair County to find out that the dogs vote, the dead people vote and people vote over and over again. Actually, I know people that vote here in Illinois because they lived here. They still have a voter’s card. They go over to Missouri, they vote in Missouri because they live in Missouri. So don’t tell me about voter fraud not being possible. It happens often in St. Clair County.

Thanks for the property taxes

My real estate taxes in Swansea just went up 586%. From about $1200 a year to about $9000 a year. When I called to complain about it or ask about it, the assessor’s office blamed it upon their farmer assessor who apparently didn’t do his job because my taxes were one price for many years and now all of a sudden they’ve jumped up 580 something percent. Somebody wasn’t doing their job correctly to let this oversight happen. Thanks a lot St. Clair County, I really appreciate it.