Letters to the Editor

Primaries should all be at the same time

With only days remaining, it appears this election for president will already be one for the record books for its extreme polarity. There is an increasing number of people and publications expressing the same sentiment: They cannot support either of the two major candidates.

When the national races initially started out a year ago, there were numerous candidates vying for each of two major party’s nomination. However, over the months leading up to the respective party’s convention, as a result of the various state primaries, this number was reduced to the two contenders we have today. Here in Illinois, by the time our primary rolled around, the major party candidates had essentially already locked up their respective nominations, and we voters were left with a done deal.

To provide equality in the electoral process, perhaps we should consider having all 50 state primaries vote on the same date, just as in the general election. Instead of watching choices being reduced over the space of several months of primary elections, this would provide the same wide choices of candidates to those of us in Illinois that the voters in New Hampshire are afforded each year.

Just a thought from this disgruntled voter (yes, I will vote).

Charlie Laedlein, O’Fallon