Letters to the Editor

Get pharmaceutical ads off TV

Cialis, Viagra, Zelganz?, COPD, blood pressure, psoriasis, dry eye, depression, back pain, diabetes hepatitis, etc.. These are subjects for private discussion with one’s doctor. But, we are subjected to continuous TV advertising showing pictures of happy people living wonderful lives, throwing pink frisbees, and sitting in empty bathtubs, while listening to long lists of the most horrific side effects.

I have heard, but I may be wrong, that California is trying to pass a law to ban TV advertising of pharmaceutical products with ridiculous unpronounceable made-up names. I suggest that the legislature of every state adopt similar legislation to ban the advertisement of pharmaceuticals.

I know this sounds like a denial of the right to free speech, a violation of the constitution. I view such legislation as a public service. I would rather watch stupid political attack ads than drug ads. Even more ads for new car dealerships would be better that the drug ads.

Write to your congressman or representative to propose a ban on pharmaceutical ads on TV.

David J. Busse, Maryville