Letters to the Editor

Vote yes to protect road money

This November, Illinois voters have an opportunity to provide real change in Springfield. By voting for a proposed constitutional amendment to guarantee that transportation revenues be spent on transportation needs, we will be saying loudly and clearly that our funds should go where they are intended.

As a former transportation official and a licensed professional engineer, I see it every day. You can see it, too. Next time you drive under a bridge, look to see if you can spot any plywood between the bridge beams. That plywood is there to keep the bottom of the overhead bridge deck from falling on you as you pass through.

For me, this is really about safety and economic security. I want safe roads for young children to get to and from school, and for our college-bound students to get to campus unscathed. Without an excellent transportation system, our struggling economy will continue its downward spiral as our children and their children graduate and leave for better opportunities elsewhere. How much of the $6 billion that has been swept from the road fund could have provided safer roads and more jobs throughout our state?

Now is the time to turn our state around. We pay user fees into funds dedicated to a first-class transportation system. That promise to the citizens of our state has been broken for too many years. End the sweeps and create safer roads and a better economy by passing this constitutional amendment.

Joseph Crowe, executive vice-president, Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC