Letters to the Editor

No economic growth in St. Clair County

Businesses have always used certain economic indicators to give them a true read on the growth of the economy and the specific community they want to do business in. As you drive around St. Clair County, observe the number of vacant stores and empty storefronts in the shopping strips. The extremely high number of vacant stores illustrates declining business growth in St. Clair County. All those empty stores were, at one time, small businesses with employees, paying wages and taxes to the county and state.

It’s very simple. Failing businesses means NO economic growth. No economic growth means a failing community and a failing state. No economic growth means higher property taxes to make up for lost revenue. Higher property taxes means more wasted TIF spending to politically connected friends, under the guise of revitalizing a blighted row of stores. So when driving around town, remember how long these stores have been vacant. Observe how many consignment shops have popped up. Observe how many payday loan stores have popped up, which is another economic indicator.

When you hear the incumbent Debt-ocratic politicians bragging about the great things they have done for you, remember the reality of what you have observed. Then remember your soon-to-go-higher property taxes are already among the highest in the U.S. Then, if you want a good laugh, remember how all our incumbent Debt-ocratic politicians have claimed they voted for lower taxes and more jobs!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon