Letters to the Editor

Are voting machines rigged?

On Friday, Oct. 14, I voted early at the County Clerk’s office at the St. Clair County courthouse. The voting machine was a touch screen machine. To my amazement, twice my votes were registered with the opposing candidate without my voting for them. Try as I may, I was unable to correct my vote using the instructions provided. I summoned an office assistant to help my correct my votes. She had great difficulty getting the machine to change the vote. Eventually she was able to override the machine and I was able to vote for my chosen candidate.

I contacted Mr. Thomas Holbrook, the County Clerk, regarding this issue. He stated that the machine had been checked and that everything was in order. It appears to me that something is very wrong in this office if voting machines are not registering a vote accurately. Is Trump right when he says this election is rigged?

Earl Doerr, East Carondelet