Letters to the Editor

Illinois by the numbers

▪  Property Tax Rate: 2nd highest in the nation (source: www.illinoispolicy .org)

▪  State & Local Sales Tax Rate: 8.64 percent —7th highest in the nation (source: www. taxfoundation.org)

▪  Unemployment: 6.6 percent — Highest in the nation (source: www. illinoisupdate.com / May 2016)

▪  State Pensions: $100 Billion deficit — Worst in the nation (source: www.bloomberg.com)

▪  Number Of Taxing Bodies: 6,963 — Highest in the Nation (source: www.illinoispolicy.org)

In 2010 our state income tax rate was 3 percent, and our Gross Public Debt was $653 billion. Our brilliant legislatures passed a 2 percent income tax increase for the workingman, supposedly in an effort to get the state finances back on track.

Our 2016 Gross Public Debt is now $802 billion. So not only did they fail to hold the line, they’ve actually increased the debt by $149 billion. Our Comptroller proposes a state income tax rate increase to 8 percent just to pay our current bills. (sources: www.revenue.state.il.us / www.usgovernmentspending.com / www.huffingtonpost.com).

The ONLY way to turn this around is to drastically slash state spending or continue to raise taxes on Illinois workers and property owners.

So before you go to the polls in November to cast your ballot for the same self-serving, career politicians that dug this hole and continue to dig, ask yourself, “how is this all going to affect me?”

Steve Guithues, Collinsville