Letters to the Editor

FBI hasn’t been virtuous for a while

In a recent letter, Chris Tabing says how all Americans have held the image of an FBI that is a fundamental part of our justice system that guards our most cherished principles of fairness and uprightness. He goes on to suggest how that virtuous image has been tarnished by the administrations of Bill Clinton and Obama.

Well, if Chris did a Wikipedia check on the man whose name was synonymous with FBI, J Edgar Hoover, he would find a man who was, though lauded while alive, was found after his death to be anything but virtuous. The Wikipedia info speaks of his abuse of power. He used FBI files to harass political dissenters and activists like Martin Luther King, Charles Chaplin, John Lennon. He kept files on political leaders which is why presidents Truman, Nixon, Kennedy, and Johnson were afraid to fire him. All congressmen and senators were also afraid of him but kept quiet until after his death, then they put a 10 year limit on the head FBI position.

There is much, much more to read of how Hoover violated those cherished principles Chris described.

Ray Hollmann, Belleville