Letters to the Editor

Glenn McCoy tells the truth

For years now I have been following Glenn McCoy and his editorial cartoons. I first saw his editorial cartoons in our local newspaper that used to be unbiased. Sadly, that has changed. It has been rare to even see a cartoon of his in our newspaper, and that is the telling story about our demise as a democracy.

It seems that the mainstream media is just not comfortable with the truth anymore. They have done everything possible to hide the lies and deceit and corruption perpetrated by the left-wing liberals and their agenda to run this nation into a socialist state.

When I need some balance and some reality, I always go to your paper and view Glenn's editorial cartoons. After all, in my newspaper, every editorial cartoon has been published that demeans Trump and the GOP. Thank you for allowing Glenn the opportunity to stand for those of us who have been prevented from seeing the truth through the editorial cartoons. It takes courage to do some of the ones that I have seen and even more courage to publish them.

Doug Niday, Rock Hill