Letters to the Editor

Vote yes to protect road money

When Illinois voters head to the polls this November, the first question on the ballot will ask them whether transportation taxes and fees should be spent solely on transportation.

The Southern Illinois Builders Association represents road contractors, but also building contractors who do not directly benefit from road construction but feel that the proposed amendment is extremely popular because it signals that Illinois will no longer sit by as our infrastructure crumbles, threatening the very basis of our economy.

Infrastructure and location are increasingly vital to businesses operating in today’s economy. SIBA members who are not involved in building roads and bridges want good infrastructure so that they can get materials to job sites, so that their employees can safely and efficiently travel between home and work, and so that customers can safely and easily move their products.

Similarly, good infrastructure matters to everyone in Illinois. We all need to get safely to school, work, or other events and we all benefit from an economy where Illinois businesses are able to access worldwide markets.

It is time for Illinois to protect its infrastructure. I hope you will vote “yes” on the first question on the ballot this November.

Donna Richter, chief executive officer, Southern Illinois Builders Association