Letters to the Editor

Real men don’t demean women

Bill Malec demeans the dignity of women in defending Trump’s talk about walking in locker rooms of teens changing clothes and sexually assaulting women by groping them. Trump admits to this crass behavior and more than a dozen teens and women affirm he did these things to them.

Malec’s justification: some men in the military, barflies and men in locker rooms speak this way.

His egregious statement in the BND reminds me of another retired colonel, a cousin of mine. At my wife’s funeral in 2002, he “jokingly” told his wife in a loud stage whisper they should move to another pew because my friends, people of color, sat adjacent to them. My friends were mortified and moved to another pew to avoid sitting by my racist cousin.

Men who respect their mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives do not talk this way anywhere! Malec’s justification places him in another category.

Gerald Montroy, O’Fallon