Letters to the Editor

Belleville leaders continue their taking

At a time when the state of Illinois has yet to enact a budget, the Belleville politicians have given themselves a 2 percent raise. These are the same people who increase the tax on hardworking citizens when they have done all the spending. As usual these politicians can really spend and then take more from the hardworking taxpayer.

If these so called representatives of the people even remotely cared about their constituency, they would have made this raise in pay a ballot initiative and let the voters decide. Belleville Mayor, who also uses a fully-equipped police vehicle paid for by us, and a certain alderman need to realize that we the people are their bosses and not vice versa. When Belleville’s aldermen enacted a one-quarter percent sales tax they placed a sunset of 2017 for the second time. I am curious if that will indeed sunset, or will it be like every other tax levy? Once the ruling class gets tax dollars they never let them go, and I guess you can see where this cash will be kept.

Lillian Schneider, Belleville