Letters to the Editor

Liberals are trying to destroy religion

We have seen relentless attacks by liberal socialists on traditional marriage, sanctity of life, and in general religious liberty. I only had to think back to my history studies when the British referred to the ministers as the black brigade, and ordered troops to burn churches in hopes of controlling the people.

Today our government attempts to do the same — destroy organized religion in order to try to control the people.

It’s like fingernails across the blackboard when the liberals hear, “Endowed by our Creator with Rights“, they want to believe all rights are given by the state. Hillary has stated that as President, it wouldn’t be her job to respect to respect the views of religious conservatives, but to force them to change.

In November, it’s time to let your faith guide your vote! Take your country back; you may not get another chance.

John Schrand, Belleville