Letters to the Editor

Please support Shelia Simon

Months of heated partisan fighting and refusal to compromise in Springfield have resulted in an unbalanced budget that will take years to pay off. Instead of working together to solve our state’s problems, entrenched incumbents take their orders from party leaders.

Springfield needs a proven reformer that can overhaul the establishment and product results for Southern Illinois. Shelia Simon, our local candidate for the state senate, already has a track record of being a proven reformer.

As a member of the Illinois Reform Commission, she backed the first ever contribution caps in state history to limit the influence of unlimited money in politics. Now, as a member of the Independent Maps Commission, she is working to change the redistricting process to require an independent commission to draw legislative maps, not incumbent legislators. She believes voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.

In Springfield, she will support term limits for legislative leaders to prevent the consolidation of power among just a few people. She knows that being elected speaker of the house or president of the senate should not be a lifetime appointment.

I hope you will join with me to support Sheila Simon, a true voice of integrity and independence, for the Illinois State Senate.

John Touchette, Millstadt