Letters to the Editor

Hillary’s actions worse than Trump’s words

The left-wing news media is having a field day exploiting Donald Trump’s crude and lewd comments while at the same time ignoring Hillary Clinton’s actions, which are illegal and place the security of this country in jeopardy.

Trump’s comments did not get four brave Americans killed in Benghazi and then lie about it. They did not destroy over 30,000 emails after Congress had issued a subpoena to retain them, which is a crime. Trump’s comments did not make a deal with Iran which gave them over $100 billion that they are using to further terrorism throughout the world. Nor did they pull the troops out of Iraq, leaving a vacuum that allowed ISIS to expand into that country. Trump’s words did not result in the U.S. stalling for five years, letting the President of Syria murder more than 250,000 of his own people. Trump’s words did not allow an unsecure server in his house to be used for top-secret documents, which is a crime.

Trump’s comments were stupid and insensitive, but they do not rise to the level of Hillary Clinton’s illegal and devastating actions. I will tell you this: If you think that a bunch of guys getting together do not make the same kind of remarks that Trump did, you have never spend a night in a Marine barracks.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville