Letters to the Editor

The press wants Hillary to win

Post the third debate, all the press seems to be on the Hillary bandwagon. The world was agitated when Trump would not say he would concede and acted like they had never heard such rubbish. Hillary was on the Gore team when it objected to the Bush-Gore election decision.

Hillary insisted 17 agencies support her belief that the Russians were assisting Trump with leaks. All the reports indicated were that two agencies stated it was consistent with Russian M.O.

Hillary went on and on about always being there for the children. (I always wondered how much time she actually spent with her own daughter.) If she spent her life standing up for the children, why does she advocate so aggressively for abortion rights? She tried adding to those concerns for children by raising specific gun legislation, saying it was to protect the babies from guns. That actual legislation has to do with police carrying guns and has nothing to do with children.

Margaret Godwin Bergmark, Lebanon