Letters to the Editor

Vote Baricevic for Congress

I had the pleasure of attending the Congressional debate at Lindenwood and had a few observations that need to be aired. First and foremost, this was a debate for a federal U.S. Congressional seat, yet there was not a U.S. flag to be seen anywhere. How hard would it have been to place a properly sized flag and stand on that stage somewhere? After watching and listening to the candidates it was nice to witness three mature adults treating each other with respect, at least as far as political interactions are concerned.

Any well-educated and intelligent person could see the differences in the candidates and how they would likely represent southwestern and southern Illinois. The energetic and well-spoken individual going by his first two initials of C.J. showed a great command of the issues that face the region and while Bost’s “politician’s polish” gave smooth-sounding political sound bites as answers, Mr. Baricevic made his case as to why voters should want him as their advocate in Congress. I don’t write to this paper often because the letters section is usually a cesspit, (something the BND should be ashamed of) but I want to publicly endorse C.J. for Congress and to insist that the BND and Lindenwood properly display an American flag the next time they host a debate.

Nick Dodson, Collinsville