Letters to the Editor

We’ve had enough of Mark Kern

Here are some facts about Chairman Mark Kern. The U.S. Air Force has twice told him MidAmerica Airport did not save Scott Air Force Base. He lists USAF as a supporter on his political web page. I am not aware of USAF ever backing any candidate.

He states Romanik is funding Rodger Cook’s campaign when Cook has not accepted a penny. He guilts Cook by association; however, Kern threw a party for a felon friend before he went to prison. I wonder if Kern still says prayers for the family of a deceased judge as I do. I’m honored to be Mr. Cook’s campaign manager.

As alderman from ’93-97, Kern voted against budgets that funded the pensions correctly, yet, he lies and says that’s why he raised Belleville’s property taxes 32 percent his first year as mayor. Kern was the king obstructionist; especially, when it came to ending veteran, gender and racial discrimination. Kern voted against enlarging our police force.

Kern voted against annexation of the property where WalMart-Lowes stands, Belleville tourism, the new firehouse, agreements with S.W.I.D.A., eliminating the wheel tax, and the Magna-King’s Point T.I.F.

Have you had enough? Kern was the only no votes for saving the historic property at 123 N. Church St., Metr Link agreements in Belleville, CDBG-Grant funds to fix South 19th Street and for accepting Citizen’s Park.

To see more examples of Kern’s saboteur politics check the minutes from 1993-97 on Belleville.net. I believe 12-years of Chairman Kern is enough. Please vote Nov. 8.

Joseph W. Hayden, Belleville