Letters to the Editor

At least Michael Douglas is presidential

If it were a B-movie script, no right-minded production company would fund it. No right-minded actor would appear in it. And no self-respecting adult would pay to see it.

The two major presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both vying for election to the highest office in the world on Nov. 8, are in my estimation, general disgraces to both the Democratic and Republican parties. I believe Hillary Clinton to be a pathological liar – sort of a Richard Nixon in flats – and Donald Trump, among may other things, a misogynist of the highest order. In a country of 325 million people, can’t we find a candidate with a reasonable set of virtues? It’s not difficult to understand why their disapproval ratings are so high.

These immoral, unethical, self-serving candidates make Obama’s second term look like a masterpiece. It’s amazing that either candidate was able to find a running mate not on parole for some egregious offense. Or, perhaps, another character-disqualifying videotape simply has not been unearthed yet.

Despite minimal name recognition, third-party candidates Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green Party) may very well accrue a minimum of 10 percent of the popular vote, many from young voters unwilling to compromise.

For those voters committed to remaining home on election night, perhaps one of the cable movie channels will ironically air the classic political drama “The American President.” Unlike Hillary and The Donald, at least Michael Douglas appears presidential.

Steve Frazier, Belleville