Letters to the Editor

Sound-off ... Media mind control, ballot selfies and the Clinton Foundation

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Beiser’s smoke screen

I would question Friday’s front page article about Dan Beiser distancing himself from Chicago politics as a Democrat. I would like to see Mr. Beiser’s financial report as to how much money has been donated to his campaign. Specifically from fellow Democrats, who are connected with the Chicago Democratic Party and Mr. Madigan. I think Mr. Beiser’s announcement is nothing but a smoke screen.

Abortion conundrum

I’m looking for an answer to a question that only a liberal Democrat can answer concerning abortion. I’ve talked to a few, they cannot give me answer. If it’s ok to murder babies that haven’t totally been born and taken their first breath, which is what Hillary says, until that point they are not a person. How come then if a pregnant woman at any stage of her pregnancy is killed or murdered at the hand of someone else, that person is charged with a double homicide? Meaning, the woman and the unborn child?

Where’s Elliot Ness?

Hillary is a crooked laundry lady, and should be wearing an orange pants suit. While she was Secretary of State, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries put money into the Clinton Foundation, and then the Clinton Foundation put money into Hillary’s campaign fund, which is unlawful because money from foreign countries cannot be put into campaign money. Al Capone had had two sets of books, and Elliot Ness got him. Wish Elliot Ness were still around, and he would have a field day.

An idea for parks

Looking at the front page with the water fountain and showing the neglected State Park at Carlyle. What’s wrong with taking prisoners out of Greenville prison or some down there by the old Assumption High School? Or people doing weekend community service and putting theme to work on keeping the parks clean all over the state.

Random act of kindness

Thanks for the random act of kindness at the Circle K on Lincoln Trail on Fairview Heights on Friday night about 7 p.m. While someone was pumping only $1 of gas into their tank, another individual came up and filled his tank for him. God Bless you.

Living is a responsibility

The term ‘Black Lives Matter’ really disturbs me when used by black people. Why? Because they don’t understand what it means. It means your lives matter, and so do ours. And with every right comes a responsibility. And responsibility is not to steal, hurt or kill other people first. But to be a constructive member of society. That means staying in school, passing your grades, graduating, becoming something other than a gang banger. I don’t think I’m being too general, because I know we have a good black police chief in Belleville. But the black parents are not together, and when there is no father in the house, even though that is the way the aid system is rigged, things go bad for the children. We need black fathers to stay at home, let’s work on that.

Take our state back

Sunday’s paper under article entitled, ‘Hear directly from the people running for office’ I was noticing the one submitted by Jay Hoffman, he says that he has been working hard and it has been an honor for him to serve the people in the Illinois legislature. You forgot to tell us something, Mr. Hoffman. How long have you been in that legislature? I know you have been there a very long time. Why have you let the problems get so bad in the metro-east if you have been there that long? Additionally you have been part of the party in control. Why haven’t you stood up to the party in control? Why haven’t you stood up to Michael Madigan in Springfield and the way he is destroying the state and you Democrats don’t do anything about him because you support him. You are all part of the problem Mr. Hoffman, because you vote with Mike Madigan every time he wants you to. The voters in St. Clair county need to vote you all out of office for your crooked affairs. Drain the swamp in St. Clair County, including the three judges who fake retiring. Don’t vote for Baricevic, Haida, or LeChien. Let’s take our state back.

You call that a raise?

We will get a 0.2 percent raise in our Social Security this year, and that amounts to $2 for me and our Medicare is going up, so I will lose about $10. It would be interesting to take all federal and state politicians and limit their raises to the same amount that we get.

Media mind control

When you hear the election being rigged, you could easily say it would be because of media mind control, which has happened the last two elections.

Why Hillary hates Christians

You can understand why the Clintons have such a distain for Catholics and Evangelicals, it’s because it puts limits on the government. Government can’t overwhelm people and the Catholics won’t let it.

Obamacare question

There is a rise in cost of Obamacare for the individual. What happens if they don’t make the premium payment? Do they drop it and start another program and start another program free of charge?

Voter fraud

While watching NBC Nightly News, they had a report about voter fraud in the country. They stated that they did thousands of studies and found only three cases of voter fraud in the entire country. I guess they exclude Illinois because Charlie Powell was convicted of three counts of voter fraud himself.

Unbelievable selfies

When I was brought up, my elders told me that when I’m conversing at a social event to not discuss politics or religion. Now I see some folks are taking “selfies” of their ballots. I find this unbelievable that they would share their political preferences in such a public way.

Vote out judges

Just a few short months ago, Chief Judge John Baricevic told the Belleville News-Democrat that he was running for re-election instead of retention so that he could debate openly the issues concerning the voting public. Don’t be fooled! As a city judge, he is not allowed to debate and he will not be resigning until after the election. How convenient for him, Judge LeChien and Judge Haida. Just more of the same from St. “Corrupt” County. Vote these bums out.

Nepotism or SOP?

If Lorenzo Greenwood is the president of the East St. Louis School District 189 Board of Education and his daughter is the director of human resources for East. St. Louis School District 189, that would be considered nepotism in any area except the metro east. Here, it’s just standard operating procedure.

What district are you in?

How many people in the county have had their county board district changed on them? I live downtown right near the newspaper and my representative used to be a used car salesperson, now it’s the wife of an alderman. I didn’t realize the change until the incumbent’s opponent showed up at my door campaigning for office and we argued over who held the current position. Thank you St. Clair County for making sure we know who represents us.