Letters to the Editor

Please explain

Seventy percent of the country thinks we are heading in the wrong direction. The national debt has more that doubled to over $20 trillion, which is twice the debt that all the previous presidents ran up, combined.

There are fewer people in the work force today than there have been since 1977. Over 25.8 percent of Americans have been looking for a job for over six months. More people on Welfare and food stamps, family income continues to drop, Obamacare a disaster with insurance companies pulling out, having lost millions of dollars and people cannot afford to pay for it or for the deductibles. A plan that this inept president told us would lower our insurance premiums as a family by at least $2,500 a year. Next year in the state of Illinois the premiums will rise 49.9 percent.

Yet supposedly Obama has a 54 percent approval rating. I thought the buck stopped with him. Are we being lied to by the mainstream corrupt news media (which is trying desperately to remain relevant). They cover, by a 20-1 margin, the sex accusations about Trump over the WikiLeaks corruption about Hillary.

The No. 2 Isis leader is telling all Muslims in America to vote for Hillary and not the Infidel Trump. Why? Trump rallies are drawing in the tens of thousands while Hillary draws, (when she has them) in the hundreds. Yet according to the polls she leads him by at least seven points. Would someone please explain?

Garland J. Horn, Granite City