Letters to the Editor

Disaster looming

I see disaster looming with the likely election of Hillary Clinton to the presidency. Dissatisfied voters who vote third party or simply stay home are surely voting for Hillary. Citizens should vote for Mrs. Clinton if they want the following three things:

A liberalized Supreme Court that will, among other things, reinterpret the 2nd Amendment to find private gun ownership restricted or unconstitutional. The last look at the issue came down to a 5 to 4 decision upholding current law.

Open borders with unrestricted immigration. All illegal aliens will eventually be granted citizenship and all will vote Democrat thus assuring there will likely never be another conservative in the White House.

No retreat from “Obamacare.” However, as the current system is unworkable health care will be moved to single payer, i.e. the government. Of course that was the plan all along.

I understand people being angry with Donald Trump. He really is a mess. However, we are not voting for a president to be a friend, a devout Christian or even a nice man. We need a rough tough president who can deal with the current spate of lawlessness in our country, can reign in the unrestrained frivolous spending, rebuild our military and deal with hard-nosed world leaders like Putin. Does that sound like Hillary? Do you really want to stay home or vote third party?

James L. McAfee, Belleville