Letters to the Editor

Vote for insanity

How gullible do politicians think voters are? Judging by the bull saturating the airwaves, I would say very. Jay Hoffman claims he’s fighting for jobs and lower property taxes. Yet, for the last two decades in Springfield, Madigan’s boy has voted to bankrupt Illinois with over $127 billion of debt, raise your property taxes to some of the highest in the nation, and run businesses (jobs) out of Illinois with high taxes.

Then you have Madigan’s Katie Stuart, stating she “wants to audit the Illinois budget because she’s not an accountant.” Why would voters elect anyone to office who doesn’t understand a budget process or lacks management skills? Worst of all for taxpayers, Stuart wants to fund Chicago teachers’ unfunded pension plan by cutting State educational funding for southern Illinois schools. FYI, your property taxes will increase significantly to make up the difference.

Albert Einstein defined “insanity” as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Mr. Einstein must have formulated this theory after watching Illinois voters continually re-elect Debtocrats and expecting the spending failures to stop. Voters need to decide if they enjoy underfunded pensions, wasting $12 million a year on an airport that never makes a dime, wasting millions of tax dollars for TIF money going to Debtocratic friends, or the fact you already have some of the highest property taxes in the nation. If you do, then vote for insanity! Otherwise vote for common sense!

Peter Hill, O’Fallon