Letters to the Editor

It’s beyond me

How anyone who works or gets a pension for a living can vote Democratic is beyond me. Look at what Obama has done in eight years. The number of welfare recipients has gone up and the middle class has gone down. The number of people not looking for jobs has gone up, while the number of people looking for jobs has gone down. No wonder the percentage of people looking for jobs is at an all-time low. Only people looking for work are shown in the national statistics. In the state of Illinois alone there are more people on government assistance than people who are working. No wonder the state of Illinois is broke.

You don’t think our government is corrupt? The FBI states that there should be no charges filed against Hillary Clinton while other people who did less to violate the secrecy of this country are in jail. She should be in prison right now for treason for the Benghazi attack on the U.S. consulate. Hillary’s Clinton Foundation has received payments from enemies of our country for favors she has given.

The Democratic Party wants to take money away from all of us to give to illegal immigrants.

If illegal immigrants are given citizenship, our unions will suffer. They will work for less and not join a union. Union leaders are only interested in themselves, not their members.

Hillary for prison.

Don Woodward, Fairview Heights