Letters to the Editor

Just a coincidence

I am an Independent voter. I voted for Bill Clinton once.

Speaking of the Clintons, when he was governor, they were mixed up in a lake land deal that went sour. One of their associates supposedly killed himself. Just a coincidence.

When Bill was in the White House, an email spoke of Hillary’s romantic boyfriend who supposedly killed himself in a park. There was also talk of their involvement in the Travelgate scandal to give the White House travel contract to friends. Just a coincidence.

The person pointed out as the leaker of the DNC emails was assassinated in the middle of the day with a bullet to the back of the head. Some tried to call it robbery even though nothing was stolen. Just a coincidence.

The head of WikiLeaks is set to give an exposure speech on Hillary’s emails, but cancels due to security concerns. Just a coincidence.

The head of WikiLeaks starts sending out numerous embarrassing Hillary emails and the internet line is cut. Just a coincidence.

All of these coincidences I see buried in the news, but our major news media overlooks them. Just a coincidence. Now we hear about Clinton’s Mr. Fix It. What does it take?

Clyde Minish, Belleville