Letters to the Editor

ESL voters

A request from the East St. Louis Board of Election for the total number of registered voters thus far is 18,622 registered. A review of past elections was met with the following results. The March 15, 2016, General Primary Election listing was 18,634 registered voters. The April 15, 2015, Consolidated Election was 19,185 registered. In the General Election of Nov. 4, 2014, the election total was 18,641 registered. The General Primary Election on March 18, 2014, registered was 18,978 voters, and the Consolidated Election of April 9, 2013, was with 20,664 registration totals. The total student enrollment in School District 189 is approximately 5,900 according to the Board of Education administrator and includes 350 seniors eligible to vote.

It appears that the Board of Elections can consistently maintain an almost perfect or 100 percent voter registration. The April 15, 2011, election had 20,000 registered voters with over 500 households having six to 15 voters registered within certain households throughout all 25 precincts as documented and reported. The absentee vote total at that time was 3,239 compared to St. Clair County’s 3,636 absentees, a 397 absentee vote difference with the county having 160,000 registered voters. The election board can eliminate this overpopulated voter roll with randomly polling these known addresses. As the saying goes, “Don’t hate the player; hate the game.” Vote by Mail is the game used in black communities for winning elections for cities and county.

Dorothy Joshway, East St. Louis