Letters to the Editor

Core group

I can understand and accept why a core of dissatisfied voters are devout Trump supporters,no matter what terrible things he does or says. This core group is mostly made up of middle-aged white men who are not well-educated and are terrified that their mediocre manufacturing job will be taken by an illegal immigrant or moved to Mexico. Trump offers the siren song of “building a wall and bringing back good jobs.” These are sound bites with no substance and no details as to how he would accomplish such Herculean tasks, The “knuckle draggers,” as Bill Maher calls them, do not need or demand proof for these outlandish sound bites from Trump.

What I cannot understand is that I have a number of college-educated men friends, who are retired in their 70s, 80s and even one who is 91, who are financially well off and yet they intend to vote for Trump. Their visceral and illogical hatred of Hillary has little basis in any fair comparison of the qualifications and past experiences of Trump and Hillary. She far surpasses him in any measurement that is used. She is articulate, dignified, and knows the details of the complicated subjects and policies facing our next president. Trump is completely ignorant of the basic requirements of a functioning President, much more so as to what is required for success. I will continue working on my wayward friends but hold little hope they will see the monumental error of their ways.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon