Letters to the Editor

Political ads

On Friday, Oct. 14, I received four political ads in my U.S. Postal Service mail box.

Two of those were from the Democratic Party of Illinois, both for Katie Stuart. One of the other ads was from the Illinois Republican Party and the other from Liberty Principles PAC, both for Dwight Kay.

The pro-Stuart ads were anti Kay with such statements as “We’ve worked hard to earn our retirement benefits. But Dwight Kay would take it all away.” And “Katie Stuart will stand up to extreme politicians who want to slash seniors’ retirement.” My question about these two quotes is, is Katie talking about all present and future retirees living in Illinois or is she only talking about herself and others who are now on or will be eligible to collect a pension from the State of Illinois? If it’s the later and the pension involved is in the neighborhood of $75,000 to $450,000 (a year) with a 3% kicker every year, too bad.

The pro-Kay ads were anti-Mike Madigan & Katie Stuart, but one of them did include a list of things Mr. Kay stood for, “Balance the Budget Now,” “Reduce Wasteful Spending,” “Term Limits to Hold the Politicians Accountable,” “Grow Jobs and the Economy,” and “Freeze Property Taxes/”

Mr. Kay seems to understand that Illinois number one problem is MONEY, which is something Ms. Stuart and the Democratic Party don’t. With the latest proposed state budget being $7 billion out of balance, the state owing some $8 billion to vendors and some $100 billion short on pensions, you would think that these items would be the politician’s first priorities. We already have some idea of what Mr. Kay thinks but not what Ms. Stuart thinks.

Bob Walter, Glen Carbon