Letters to the Editor

Chance of survival

Our nation is in crisis and some will vote for a serial liar. Hillary has had no accomplishments in 30 years. Bill gave her four jobs to do and all were disasters. Remember Janet Reno? She accomplished nothing as Secretary of State. Remember Libya, Ukraine, North Korea, Benghazi, Iraq and Iran. Four men died due to her gross incompetence.

Hillary will raise taxes on the middle class. Donald will lower taxes.

Hillary will put coal miners out of work by closing mines. Donald will lift the crushing regulations.

Hillary wants open borders. There will be terrorists among the refugees. Just ask Germany, France and Belgium how well that worked. Hillary doesn’t care about Americans in her quest to continue Obama’s legacy.

Hillary will appoint Supreme Courts Justices that will take away our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. This is especially important as it will affect our children/grandchildren.

Hillary’s private email account hid the illegal donations to the Cllinton Foundation. She then lied to Congress. The president, the Department of Justice and the State Department were all part of the collusion. FBI agents are aghast that Comey did not prosecute her as there is enough evidence.

She, like Obama, cannot say Radical Islamic Terrorists. How can you fight something you cannot say.

Hillary will continue Obamacare. Even Bill Clinton thinks it is crazy bad.

Trump is by no means an altar boy and he has no filter and will say anything, but with Trump, the USA has a chance of surviving.

Judy Wagner, Belleville