Letters to the Editor

The question

WikiLeaks has released information that is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. Democratic pundits and Hillary Clinton surrogates consistently respond to these revelations by suggesting this information has been hacked by Russian operatives.

Let’s look at the issue through this illustration: We are trapped in a strange room. Although the room has light fixtures, the room is absolutely dark. All of a sudden, the lights come on and a massive, dangerous hole in the floor can now be seen.

It is later discovered the electricity which brought light into the room was generated by those evil, despicable Russians.

The question then becomes: Even if the power which kept us from injury came from Russia, does that somehow taint the benefit we have received by being able to see a danger we otherwise could not have seen?

The only relevant WikiLeaks issue is whether or not their information is authentic and accurate. Pundits and surrogates who attempt to distract us from reviewing and considering the text of the released information are using a hobgoblin to keep us from benefiting from the revealed truth.

As pundits and surrogates continue to bellow about Russian efforts to impact our election, remember this: It does not matter if the truth has been supplied by Russian sources. What matters is the truth.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville