Letters to the Editor

Those darn guns

I found it fascinating that Hillary Clinton absolutely opposes “government control of a woman’s body.” But she’s OK with the government controlling guns, health care, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, types of energy, sugar in soda, calorie content in fast food, wetlands, landfills, chicken houses, outhouses and big houses.

I wish we could have the U.S. Marshals from “The Fugitive” do a 20-mile concentric search around those policies. Also she said, “guns kill over 30,000 Americans a year.”

Those darn guns. I’m now afraid my gun is going to stalk and then kill me. Actually there are 10,500 homicides a year by gun (Centers for Disease Control, 2014), and even the vaunted The New York Times reports that suicides using a gun account for 65 percent of all gun deaths. The New York Times reports that guns are more likely to be used than other means due to the intended result: death. The good news is homicides in the U.S. have steadily declined since 2009, while unfortunately suicides have edged up. The Oct. 8, 2015, article concludes that government regulations have little impact on the gun suicides and murder rate.

Phil Henning, Smithton