Letters to the Editor

Dump Trump

Donald Trump is a ticking time bomb.

I am the spokesman for the high command, the cream of the crop of the United States Military. What’s different about the “high command”?

They have the ability to read minds and see into the future. They allowed the Sept. 11, 2001, bombing of the World Trade Center and the Marathon bombing in Boston. Some terrorism was to let the U.S. public know there are many terrorists that hate the U.S.

When Trump talks about making America great, in actuality he should be saying, “We’ll make other countries hate.”

Donald Trump has made enemies in his business dealings. Buy low and sell high, even at the expense of having a poor reputation, is the Trump way.

To the 150-plus newspapers, I’m writing to say, “Dump Trump.”

The heck with the trickle-down economies. What we need is what Hillary Clinton talks about – a shot in the arm, $12 an hour minimum wage. Although I am I favor of $11 an hour.

Will Donald Trump say ridiculous things like he has on the campaign trail to leaders of other countries? Will he continue to trip on his ego?

Don’t give him a chance.

This is a chance to see into the future and say, “Dump Trump.”

David Jasper, Hollis, NH