Letters to the Editor

Why do we vote for personalities instead of the issues?

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Voting basis

It’s amazing to me that in the most important election we’ve had in a long time for the United states, it’s come down to “your worse than me” and “I’m better than you”. That’s the basis of our voting decision. No one discusses the real issues such as infrastructure, or the pipelines that will corrupt our rivers or the big issues like the loss of our steel companies. We’re not talking about the issues, we’re talking about personalities. That’s the least important thing to talk about. We need our leaders to lead.

C.J. Baricevic

I found it interesting in the recent debate with C.J. Baricevic and Mike Bost, Baricevic brought up the name of Jerry Costello. It’s interesting that Baricevic mentions the Costello family because every single one of them have fed off the public dole all their lives. The Baricevic family is the same way because they are all politicians and now they bring around this kid to get into the family business. This Baricevic and his father, the former state’s attorney, are nothing more than a partisan, left wing, liberal nut. We don’t need him or any other Baricevic in this place.

Waste of time

How many millions of taxpayers dollars have been and continue to be spent on the probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It’s a waste of time, it’s effort and more importantly, it’s a waste of my tax payer money. They better find something conclusive with this investigation, if not then the congressman, senators and FBI should pay back the tax payer for the waste of time and effort.


The Sunday paper has incorrectly headlined the opinion page. It says, “Hear directly from the people running for office.” It should say, “Hear from SOME of the people running for office.” because not every candidate was represented.

Pants on fire

Just imagine if people’s pants really did catch on fire when they were lying, we would have been done with the Clintons years ago.


This latest email slap is about someone else’s server. I’m afraid they’re going to come and take my laptop next.


I see that C.J. Baricevic is running for office. One thing we don’t need is more of the same. We have enough problems in Illinois, Southern Illinois and especially in St. Clair County without another Baricevic and Costello in office. Give me a break. Don’t we have enough nepotism in St. Clair County?


I hope that all the voters in this county where LeChien, Baricevic and Haida are running for retention vote realize that they are manipulating the system. You can’t let these people take advantage of you. Why do you think we lost the NGA to Missouri? We lost it because there thieving, crooked people running this county and this state. Don’t fall for what these judges are doing. Vote them out and show them that you have the guts to stand up against these crooks.

Financial problems

Baricevic says that the way to fix the financial problems in this country is to raise the taxes on the wealthy. That’s just a normal communist democrat way to think. Why wouldn’t Mr. Baricevic and the rest of these morally bankrupt, corrupt, lying democrats have a better idea on how to fix this. Why don’t you stop the corruption, the waste, the thievery and all the crazy deals that are made to take care of your buddies and all of their constitutes around this country and solve the problems where they are. Get the fat out of the budget. Get your crooked party people off the payroll. That’s all you need to do, you don’t nee to raise the taxes on the wealthy. Without the wealthy you would have no bosses. Without the bosses you would have no democratic workers.

Baby powder

I see that Johnson & Johnson has had to pay $70 million to a lady, quite elderly I might add, who claims she got ovarian cancer from using talcum powder. This is a shame. This is a way for people to cash in. If Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder caused cancer, there would be millions of people with cancer. What a shame. When is some judge going to wake up and tell these lawyers to put it where the sun don’t shine.

Color blind

While people are distracted by the World Series, and the NFL and hockey season all beginning, I’m sitting in my chair captivated by the annual goat hunt preparations. The North American White Tailed Deer is one of the most beautiful goats in the world and deserves some protection from us because we have a portion of society which seems to think that they are at war with the deer. Or they think that they are starving to death so they have to kill everything that they can eat. This thing is so absurd, that people are stocking up on camouflage clothing even though deer are color blind so the color of clothing doesn’t make a difference.

Bob Romanik

About a month ago in the paper, a guy complained about listening to Bob Romanik and his kids hearing his foul mouth. If you listen to Bob Romanik, at the beginning of his program is a 30-second disclaimer that says that if someone is offended about racial matters, politics or anything else that you should turn off your radio. Who would let his kid listen to Bob Romanik? Bob Romanik comes on at 10 a.m., shouldn’t his kids be in school?


I’ve received 39 pieces of political hit mail since the mailings began. I’m expecting at least 50 by election day. Of those mailings, 10 are from Jay Hoffman alone or from those supporting him. It’s kind of ironic that he is campaigning door-to-door in certain neighborhoods, but he’s ignored the very neighborhood that where his office is. A lot of the mail is targeted to military veterans or are political hate mail. None of it tells me why these people are worthy of my vote or how they will spend our tax dollars responsibly. If you really value somebody’s vote, then you and your supporters should be working harder to get your messages out.


I just received an advertisement for Mark Kern touting his exploits on what he’s done on the Poplar Street Bridge and Martin Luther King Bridge. The county didn’t do that, these are all state or federal agencies. Quit trying to take credit for things you haven’t done.

What happened?

What happened to the Dunkin’ Donuts that was supposed to open where the old Rally’s is? There was all this talk about it and nothing has happened. Just curious.

Toy guns

I was disgusted by the number of toy guns that are on sale at Walmart and Dollar Tree and other stores. Don’t we have enough children dying because of gun violence without continuing to provide them guns? We can’t risk children getting ahold of real guns thinking that they are toy guns. Shame on any store that continues to have these “toys” available.

Cahokia police

A young Cahokia man died Monday. Police responded to the area after they received a call at 2 p.m., in the middle of the day in broad daylight. The residents know that is a bad area with crime, drugs and alcohol. What are the police doing to fix the problem? The Cahokia police or either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.