Letters to the Editor

Ogallala Aquifer

One of the troubling things we “Trumpites” abhor is the extreme ignorance of many of our citizenry today. Probably more worrisome are citizens who proudly expose their ignorance. Yet, somehow they get respect for ignorance if they claim they are protecting our environment or stopping climate change. Recently, a letter writer attacked Donald Trump for supporting the Keystone Pipeline. In the rant about environmental dangers of a pipeline crossing the Ogallala Aquifer, ignorant and incorrect assumptions and statements were made.

The history and record of moving fuels across our nation for over a century bare out the fact that pipelines are the safest method of transporting these fuels necessary to sustain our American way of life. His ignorance is further illuminated by the fact that there are currently more than 20,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing this very aquifer in Nebraska today; carrying the fuels necessary for that state and the nation. Doubt me? Then doubt the facts; check out this map supplied by our own government, from which this letter writer probably wants more restrictions on our American industrial progress.


His rant then veered to this pipeline endangering our food supply. Just look at that pipeline map again; thousands of pipelines crisscross the breadbasket of the U.S., from Ohio to Colorado, and Minnesota to Texas. Don’t let ignorant folks become the norm in our great country. Look up the facts and let’s start making America great (and smart) again.

Jay R. Brown, Highland