Letters to the Editor

Unmade in America

The mill sits silent where it once roared.

My father worked at the steel mill, just like his dad before.

But times have changed I can tell you this,

I worked there too, it’s a job that will be missed.

People buy goods as cheap as they can

They do this without thought of their fellow working man.

The goods they buy come here on ships,

And with that the trade scale tips.

Manufacturing jobs are becoming a thing of the past,

Disappearing one by one, and all too fast.

Trade deals signed and become the law of the land

Not to benefit us, but the big business man.

Now China makes things we once did before,

Sending the working man into the world of the poor.

My job at the mill was one of a kind,

Another job like that will be hard to find.

When will people realize that what they do,

Is destroying this country and affects them too?

I miss the times, the days of old,

When manufacturing was worth more than gold.

Men were proud of the jobs that they had,

Now they’re gone and now they’re sad.

The government offers help for the mess that they made,

Now we can go to school and also get paid.

Made in America was a symbol of pride,

It isn’t no more, because those jobs have died.

Lets get back to our roots like we were back then,

Lets light up the furnaces and make steel again.

Daniel Bunker, Granite City