Letters to the Editor

Phillippines president

The AP and Reuters report that Philippines President Duterte is aligning with China against the U.S.

President Duterte is certainly not the best of leaders, but the U.S. government does not get to impose its choice of leader on other countries.

This, if it stands, is a serious, perhaps devastating, blow to U.S. military and diplomatic positions in the Pacific.

The Obama administration has repeated the same mistakes it made with “Arab Spring” by attempting to impose western standards in a region where it was not wanted. Again, it has come back to bite them.

Because of this administration’s previous diplomatic missteps, much of the Middle East is a war zone and refugees are flooding Europe and the U.S. Because of this new misstep, the strategic Spratly Islands area will see a major shift in balance of power and may be the next area to erupt in a hot conflict.

Don’t think this is important because it’s not headlined? Anyone remember the “unimportant” junior varsity team known as ISIS?

Former Secretary of State Clinton has campaigned on being President Obama’s third term. God help us.

David L. Griffith, Belleville