Letters to the Editor

Sane ones win

Last evening the “uneducated” voters (aka the silent majority) came out of hiding and elected a new president of the United States.

The sniveling press kept referring to the Trump supporters as the “uneducated.” Our family (seven in all, all college-educated) unanimously voted for Trump. Where did we go wrong?

The press is where Trump felt the election was “rigged.” All evening they were lambasting the “uneducated” for voting for Trump. Several of the women pundits were nearly in tears. I felt like sending them crying towels.

The Democrats, assisted by the press, pit one group against another: educated vs. uneducated; whites vs. blacks/Hispanic; women vs. men; perverts vs. regular people; etc.

I think it was sanity against insanity yesterday, and the sane ones won.

I stayed up and heard a good acceptance speech by Trump: very gracious, attempting to heal a fractured nation. It was good but not quite as good as the Gipper.

Now, we’ll see if he can succeed in governing well. I hope he places good people into positions of leadership and is able to listen to good advice instead of trying to go it alone.

I do hope we are on the verge of Making America Great Again!

H. Ray Sigler, Highland