Letters to the Editor

Why Trump supporters were deceptive

Upon the election of Donald Trump, so many television/radio personalities (for I have a hard time accepting these editorializing writers as offering pure news) were asking how they got it so wrong. One well-known pundit offered, not wanting to appear he could be in error, that Republicans were being dishonest, lying to polltakers. Deceptive maybe, but they did not do it to mislead.

Witnessing the laughter that permeated the entire ABC “Good Morning America” team (and elsewhere) in discussing Donald Trump’s run for office made many of us take notice of treatment towards him. It taught us that we limited where we shared our opinions rather than be labeled racist, harboring attitudes of misogyny, or stupid like uneducated white males. And I’ll let them in on a little secret now – some Trump voters were Hispanic, Democrat, African-American, and even female. Bet they didn’t count on that!

Margaret Godwin Bergmark, Lebanon