Letters to the Editor

Letter to Memorial Hospital

I read the article in the BND about the impending opening of your hospital and congratulate you on your new hospital. I am sure it will be great for the city and its residents. I do have to comment on the happening. The day before Thanksgiving of 2010, I had a bad stroke and was transported to your hospital and ER. I spent seven days in ICU and CCU and spent over six weeks in the Care Center undergoing rehab. I then went home and came back about one week later for surgery and had a triple bypass and my left carotid artery cleaned out at the same time … seven hours in the operating room. I am still alive and doing well, not because of a big new hospital, but because of the great doctors and caring staff you have. I am able to truly enjoy my two young grandsons and my family thru your gift of giving me a second chance for life, which is not something that comes with a new hospital. It comes with a staff that knows its job and cares about its patients. Again, congratulations. Enjoy your new hospital, but remember it is just a building, and buildings cannot save peoples’ lives and care for them. Only people can care for people.

Chuck Mavrogeorge, New Baden