Letters to the Editor

Hold elected officials accountable

I am so sick of all the TV ads and talk about the corruption and greed in our (America’s) system. My blood pressure is up.

This corruption and greed doesn’t just start with elections, it happens every day of the year, a lifetime for some people. The middle class working people are paying for this corruption and greed. Nothing is ever done to the cheaters, because they are all in the same basket, running our government, financial institutions, … you name it.

But then they wanted your vote, so they started spilling the dirt on each other. We watched their corruption and greed and decided which one might give us a few more beans.

Now that this election is over, let’s get busy holding elected officials and businesses accountable for their actions and running America, rather than watch how rich they can get taking advantage of people and the system. I will be watching.

Bobbie Taylor, East St. Louis